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Bringing Solutions to Educators 

We are a specialist consultancy delivering high quality relevant, collaborative and future focused professional learning in Inclusive Education, Disability Education, Differentiated Instruction, Targeted Teaching, Visible Learning, Evidence Based Teaching, Quality Pedagogy and Gifted Education.

We offer formal training and courses; coaching and mentoring, seminars & workshops. We can support you and your staff in designing research projects, as well as providing observation tools and feedback. Our PL supports teachers to reflect on, evaluate, question and consciously and visibly improve their practice.

Our thinking is framed by the following:

  1. Professional learning needs to be built upon an evidential foundation of what works in teaching, not fad, fantasy, idealism, ideology or  rhetoric.  Dinham, 2007 quoted in AITSL Professional Learning for School Effectiveness in Australia: What does it take?

We are committed to delivering high quality, relevant and collaborative professional learning that makes a difference in the classroom.

  1.  Wherever a student starts from on the first day of the year, he or she deserves to have made at least a year’s worth of progress by the end of it. 

Goss, P., Hunter, J., Romanes, D., Parsonage, H., 2015, Targeted teaching: how better use of data can improve student learning, Grattan Institute

We will work with you in developing professional programs to ensure teachers are equipped with the knowledge and skills to cater to the diverse needs of their students.

  1. All students, regardless of ability, have a right to an inclusive and challenging education. Teachers need to respond to student diversity through Targeted Teaching (Differentiation) and Evidence Based Practice.

Our workshops, seminars and modules are designed to provide practical, effective and evidence based tools and techniques to ensure teachers gain the skills needed to cater to the diverse needs of all students, including those with disability and gifted and talented students.