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Comprehensive, multi-disciplinary psychological and educational assessments of children and adolescents are conducted by fully qualified, registered and highly skilled professionals.  Assessments of academic performance, intellectual assessments, (including identification of gifted students), etc. help provide an understanding of the strengths and difficulties of the individual thus providing a clearer road-map for educational planning.

We offer assessments in:

  • IQ – Intellectual functioning, Attention Disorders, Autism and Related Disorders
  • Educational Assessments including Literacy , Reading Comprehension, Writing, Spelling, Vocabulary, Mathematics, Language Screeners, etc.,
  • Speech and Language assessments
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Assistive Technology Review
  • Career Assessments and Advice

Fees include initial referral and discussion, assessment and written report.

Please contact Radmila on +61 417 321 752 or radmila@radmilaharding.com for further details.