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Radmila Harding, B.A. Hons. (Melb), Dip. Ed. (Melb State) B.Sp.Ed. (Monash), is a highly experienced educator and consultant specialising in disability education, gifted education and pedagogy. She has held a wide range of positions over the years as an educator of children, adolescents and young adults from upper primary through to TAFE settings. While the primary focus of Radmila’s work has been the education of students with additional needs, including students with high intellectual potential, more recently, she has worked with teachers on ways to create more inclusive classrooms through the use of differentiated instructional strategies. As an educational consultant she has presented numerous, practical workshops on a broad range of topics at local and international conferences, and has worked with teachers in schools across Victoria as well as India, Vietnam and Turkey. The primary aim of Radmila’s work is to enhance the quality of educational experiences and outcomes for students with additional learning needs in mainstream schools. More recently, Radmila has worked with leaders in schools and private industry on developing engaging and stimulating presentations.

Radmila has conducted workshops for the Centre of Strategic Education (CSE), Learning Difficulties Australia (LDA), Critical Agendas, Independent Schools Victoria and Tasmania, as well as schools in the Catholic sector.

Radmila is passionate about the potential of people and is keen to share her knowledge and experience with educators, leaders, parents and private industry.

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