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Workshops 2016

  1. Differentiating Instruction for Students with Additional Learning Needs
  2. Classroom Success for Students on the Autism Spectrum Disorder
  3. Demystifying Dyslexia: Definitions, Diagnosis and Differentiation
  4. Practical Strategies to Support Students with Language Learning Difficulties
  5. Attention Disorders in the Classroom – A Guide for Creating Successful Outcomes for Students with Behavioural Concerns
  6. How to Write an IEP (Individualised Education Program)
  7. What works in teaching: Using evidence based practice to enhance teaching and learning
  8. The Power of Graphic Organisers to Enhance Teaching and Learning
  9. Using Diagnostic Assessment Tools to Identify Specific Learning Needs
  10. Survival Guide 101 for the new Individual Needs Teacher
  11. Understanding the Social Emotional Factors in Learning
  12. Creating Inclusive Schools
  13. Reviewing Support Services
  14. Modifying Work, Adapting Instruction
  15. Essential Elements of Integration Support: Effective ways to learning support for students with learning difficulties and disabilities
  16. Ask us about our comprehensive programs/modules for Teaching Assistants (2 or 4 day intensives)
  17. Successful partnerships with parents – frameworks for effective communication and positive outcomes
  18. Essential Components of the Response to Intervention (RTI) Framework
  19. Other workshops and/or special requests

Contact Radmila directly for further information on each of the workshops. +61 417 321 752