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Essential Elements of Integration Support

Effective ways to learning support for students with learning difficulties and disabilities

Education assistants and integration aides play a very important role in assisting teachers and students with the implementation of educational programs. This practical workshop is designed for education assistants and integration aides working with students experiencing learning difficulties and disabilities in the mainstream classroom.

The workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Role of education assistants and integration aides
  • Understanding students with disabilities
  • Effective program planning
  • Working collaboratively with teachers
  • Practical strategies for assisting students with literacy and numeracy difficulties
  • Working with students with challenging behaviours including AD/HD and ASD
  • Strategies for improving storage, processing and retrieval of information
  • Strategies for enhancing social skills, organisational and study skills
  • Confidentiality and record keeping
  • Understanding and implementing an IEP (Individual Education Program)
  • Brief overview of assistive technologies
  • PSG meetings
  • Communicating with parents
  • Evaluating effectiveness of intervention
  • Resources

This workshop will provide opportunities for reflection and planning in a supportive team environment.