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Demystifying Dyslexia

Demystifying Dyslexia:  Definitions, Diagnosis and Differentiation

This workshop is co-presented with Bev Sher.

Dyslexia is a term that many are familiar with yet few truly understand. With a prevalence estimated to be between 4 – 8% of students, dyslexia is a language-based learning disability that teachers and specialists need to be able to appreciate as well as accommodate in their classrooms. Difficulties with accurate reading and fluent reading and spelling are negatively impacted upon by difficulties in phonological awareness, verbal memory and processing speed. Research has shown that there are no distinct boundaries in individuals with dyslexia and that it occurs as a continuum (from mild to severe) across a range of intelligences and demographics. Because individuals with dyslexia have been shown to respond well to a range of specific interventions and learning strategies, it is essential for teachers to undertake specific training on how best to modify their instruction and teaching styles to those who are affected within their diverse classroom. This workshop will focus on the following:

  • Definitions and diagnosis
  • Discussion of the current research and intervention tools and strategies
  • Differentiating instruction and curriculum

This practical workshop is suitable for primary and secondary educators, support staff and others interested in improving the learning outcomes of students with dyslexia.